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Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need a passport?

YES. Please go to more information. Your passport must have at least 2 blank pages and be valid six months past your departure date from the country you are visiting. Once you receive your passport, make extra copies to leave at home and also to take with you.


What should I pack?  

Please refer to our suggested packing list.


What will the weather be like?

The weather in Africa differs from the United States. Our seasons are opposite. Please refer to the following website for up to date information depending on the time of year you are traveling.


Do I need immunizations or Malaria preventative medicine?

We request that you check with your doctor or the CDC. All4Jesus is not qualified to recommend immunizations. Swaziland does not require any specific immunizations to enter the country from the United States. Malaria is not a significantly present disease in Swaziland. All4Jesus does not require Malaria medication on this trip. However, some doctors and participants may opt to take the extra precaution.


Is the water and food safe?

The water will be safe on the orphanage property. We will bring bottled water on the days that  we are traveling. All food that you eat will be either at a restuarant or prepared at the orphanage and safe to eat. Always drink bottled water when off of the property.

At retaurants, choose foods that will be thoroughly cooked. Avoid unpeeled fruits and salads.


How long does it take to get to Africa?

The average flight time is 15 -20 hrs. We will take a nonstop Delta flight to Johanesburg South Africa which runs about 16 hours. The following day we we take a 4 hr bus ride into the capital city of Swaziland. From there we will rent a vehicle and drive another 1.5 hrs to Pasture Valley Children's Home in Nhlangano, Swaziland.


Can I use my frequent flyer miles to pay for my flight?

Yes. You will be purchasing your own ticket and can use FF miles.


Does All4Jesus require that I have traveler's insurance?  
No, this is your personal choice.  Should you wish to acquire traveler’s insurance please note it must be at your own expense.


Where will I be sleeping?

We will stay on the orphanage property at Pasture Valley Children’s Home. Volunteer rooms house 2 people each. There is a separate toilet and shower area for men and women. You will prepare your own breakfast and lunch in the common kitchen area. Each participant will be responsible for cooking one dinner for all team members. Be prepared to take short, lukewarm showers. Electricity is present, but can be interrupted unexpectedly.


Do I need to bring an outlet converter?

Yes. Swaziland does not use the same voltage levels as the US. If you do not use a converter you will ruin your small appliances…i.e. hairdryers, rechargers etc.


How many bags can I pack?

We will give you this information once the airline tickets have been purchased. The current standards for most international flights are two 50lb checked bags and two carry-ons.


How do I raise funds?

We believe that God calls people to “Go” and God calls people to “Send”. If you have found the faith to serve in Swaziland then God will be faithful to provide the funds for you to go. We suggest that you write a letter to friends and family explaining your desire to go on this mission. It will be a humbling experience as people joyfully give funds to send you to Africa. Include an addressed envelope with stamp making it easy for donors to send in funds. We also suggested that you think of creative ways to raise funds such as a garage sale, bake sale, walk a thon, etc.


Are donations tax deductible?

Yes. All4Jesus is a registered 501C(3) non-profit organization. However, since we are non-profit, donations made to All4Jesus cannot be refunded for any reason.


How can my supporters make donations to my trip?


By Check:

Checks should be made payable to All4Jesus and mailed to:


Attn: Mission Trips

 4490 Ambassador Way, Cumming GA 30040


By Credit Card:

Supporters can make donations to your trip on our website.

The credit card companies charge a 2.2%   processing fee and this will be deducted from the donation total.


 Do I need to bring any money?

The mission cost will cover your airline ticket, all lodging, travel, taxes, fees, tips, safari, and and project funds. It will also cover all of your meals except for any meals or snacks at the airport. There should only be one airport dinner on the final night that you will be responsible for.You will want to bring spending money for snacks and any gifts or souvenirs. Depending on your life style we suggest $200 - $300. You can withdraw funds from the local ATM machines in South Africa or Swaziland. Although, we cannot guaranteed that the ATM’s will be working. If you decide to exchange money in South Africa, bring bills dated 2006 or newer. Do not bring travelers checks.


What if I want to bring donated items to leave in Swaziland?
Clothing is always appreciated. Some great gift ideas would be: socks, new underwear, warm clothes, fleece, winter hats/gloves,coats, sweaters, pens, pencils, Bibles, shoes, baby clothes and blankets. All sizes are needed, adults to newborns.


Do you have further questions?

Email us at



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