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Reduce our life and “give life” to orphans in Jesus’ Name.

“I must decrease. Christ must increase.” John 3:30

We believe that God is calling each one of us, just as we are, to reach out and find a way to share His love.


In 2008 God led us to begin a nonprofit ministry. We couldn't think of a more perfect name than "All 4 Jesus". Our hope is that everything we say and everything we do, is all for Jesus. 


In 2009, God built the El Shaddia Komati orphanage in Swaziland, Africa. Since that time, God has allowed us to continue serving Him and His children. All4Jesus currently has many relief, development and restoration programs in Swaziland.


In 2011, we began praying for God to open up a door in an unreached country for All4Jesus to serve. He opened up a door in the nation of Sri Lanka. We currently focus our mission on pastor sponsorship, Bible training, church planting and building, and hope outreach to the poor children and families. Everything we do, is done in the name of Jesus and for His Kingdom.

How it all began.....

In 2006, God pierced our hearts for His children in Africa; Children so much in need that just to survive is a blessing. During the time we spent in Swaziland and Kenya, our heavenly Father allowed us to see that we have so much more than we need and these children need so much more than they have.


We  saw things that should not exist….. starvation, disease, extreme poverty, oppression, and death.

God opened our eyes to a dying world in need of Hope. And we knew that True Hope could only come through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.


In January of 2007, because of God’s great mercy, we came to the life decision that Jesus was all we wanted in this world. We had seen abundance and we had seen great need…… nothing mattered except having Jesus.

In light of God’s amazing love toward us we freely sold our house to downsize and use the profits to build a home for the orphans in Swaziland. We believe that by giving back to God what He has so generously given us we can save 50 orphans and bring them into an abundant life of joy and love in Christ Jesus.

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