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Helping the Helpless

I am so in awe of the way God works to reach people with His love. Yesterday was our time to give out food and clothes packages to children in need. We came to a home and found a baby, a 4 yr old, and a 5 yr old all alone. The baby was lying on the floor crying. Later, we found out that the mother was away working. The grandmother use to take care of the children but she passed away recently from lack of food. Life is very difficult for the mothers here in Swaziland. My heart breaks for them. After looking the baby over, it was clear that she had cerebral palsy. She could not walk or talk. She looks to be blind or have severe eye impairment along with cognitive issues and an enlarged head. I was able to hold her and sing to her. To my amazement and joy, she tried to sing back to me! I laughed and sang some more. We gave her some tea that we found. She was very thirsty. We unbound her from the makeshift diaper (towel and grocery bag) that was saturated with urine and placed her in the warm blanket that we brought. Olivia, Ansley, and Brooke played with the younger ones while we decided what to do. I would have come all this way just to reach these little ones with God's love!!

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