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Announcing New Partner - Loving More Children in Africa

All4Jesus is happy to announce our newest partner, Sandra Lee orphanage, in Swaziland, Africa. This orphanage is a Christ centered ministry where hurting children can find hope and healing. Join All4Jesus in reaching out to the orphans and abandoned children in Africa with the love of Christ.

REAL stories of children who have been rescued . . . . .

One of our newest additions came from a very sad background. She was living with her grandparents, who did not want her. Her parents are both dead. They locked her in an abandoned hut which had been used for cooking but due to leaks, etc. it had been abandoned. She was left alone and not even fed. Some neighbors knew about her and would sneak food in through a hole in the wall occasionally. Eventually a concerned neighbor forced her way into the hut and took the child to the hospital. She was severely malnourished and emotionally non responsive. Today she is very small for her age both in stature and developmentally. I would say she is still recovering. She does smile and rarely even will giggle. Healing takes time.

Another little girl was deserted at the government hospital when she was 3 yrs old.

She had been left in the parking lot, clutching her health card and a small piece of bread. After it had been noticed by a security guard that she had been left and was alone for hours, he took her to the administration, and was admitted to the abandoned children's ward. She was HIV+ and had a very advanced case of HPV (Human Pappilo Virus), with large cauliflower like growths all over her private area, indicating she had been sexually abused. She wore a constant frown with her eyebrows knitted together, even in her sleep. She came to the orphanage in a very damaged state. Today you would never be able to identify which one she is. She is a happy, bubbly little girl. Loves to laugh and be funny!

One of our little girls arrived as 5 mo. baby. She had been abandoned at several months old in a city street and then taken to the hospital abandoned children's ward before she came to us. We soon noticed that she could not see or hear. She did not respond to noise or visual stimulation. Nor could she move her arms, legs or head. Within a few weeks we noticed she turned her eyes to see a face. A couple weeks later she responded to talking. She was not blind or deaf! Meanwhile we had been doing physical therapy on her arms and legs, exercising them several times a day. She was way behind in all her developmental milestones, but eventually she learned to sit, crawl, walk and talk. She is currently in first grade. She is struggling in school, but we know she will cope. She is an over-comer!

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