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Celebrating Jesus!

Thank you very much for your donation to our Christmas celebration in Swaziland, Africa.

It was an amazing day full of God’s love, joy, and blessings for children who have very little in their lives. We had 180 orphans and destitute children attend from our Hope outreach program. They came from all over Swaziland, with some children traveling as much as 40 miles to participate. Your gift provided a day full of fun games, nutritious food, sharing the gospel, and presents.


Meal - Chicken stew, carrots, potatoes, rice, beets, and salad. Dessert of ice cream and cookies.

Games - Soccer, tug-o-war, wheelbarrow and sack races. Crafts.

Gifts - Vaseline, deodorant, face clothe, bath soap, shoe polish, ruler, eraser, note book, pen, pencils, and candy.

Gospel - The Jesus Film was shown in their native language of Siswati.

Praise Story

In our Hope outreach program, we have two siblings who are albino. Their mother is a witchdoctor. Even though these children are not orphans, they are in our program due to their extreme poverty and the societal belief that they are cursed. Fortunately, the children brought their mother to the Christmas celebration, and she was able to watch the Jesus Film. As the witchdoctor listened intently to the Gospel in her own native language, we praised God for the opportunity to share His truth and love with her.

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