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Caring for over 350 children in Jesus' Name.

Every day All4Jesus has the privilege of caring for over 350 children in Swaziland. Through our variousoutreach programs and on-ground partnerships, we allow Christ's love to transform hunger into hope and to redeem sorrow into joy.

This month your partnership brought life saving food and medical care to a 3 year old boy who was starving. He was found with a distended stomach and severe diarrhea. The great grandmother who was caring for him was unable to provide enough food for all of the children, and unfortunately, the littlest child was being left out. This is just one story of how your donations are being used to transform lives in Swaziland.

Every day we purchase clothes, provide medical care, supply food packages, purchase preschool supplies, pay school fees, support orphanages, etc. The list is endless, yet individual. Each child is viewed as a unique creation of God with specific needs. As that need is met, the child is told that it is Jesus who has taken care of them. Their little hearts are transformed by the love of Christ. Thank you for joining us in this amazing work.

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