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Swaziland's Historic Drought

In February of this year, the government of Swaziland declared a National Drought Emergency. Since that time, the situation has become far worse. This is the deadliest drought in Swaziland's history. Almost 80% of the Swazi people grow their own food to survive. Thousands face starvation.

  • Corn meal, which is the main food source for the Swazi people, has decreased this year by 64%.

  • Food and water scarcity is affecting an estimated 320,000 people. Over 25% of the population does not have food.

  • Swaziland has now entered their dry season. The next main harvest is not until April 2017. This lack of food and water will only increase chronic malnutrition, water-borne diseases, and HIV.

What We Are Doing To Help: Our partner ministry, Pasture Valley Farm and Children's Home, is mobilizing fast to address this crisis. Due to this, our Hope Outreach program has doubled as children are crying out for food. Preschools and carepoints are begging for us for help. Read this message from Pasture Valley director Michelle McCubbin:

"These last few days have been heartbreaking as we receive phone call after phone call from schools and children who are in need of food. The drought is really hitting hard now with no rain falling.

Thank you so much for your compassionate hearts in being willing to help. We are really grateful that we can go and get the food needed to help the children.

The teacher of Qomintaba preschool asked if we could please help feed her children at her preschool.

There are about 40 children there, and it is a very dry place with mostly sand and thorn bushes around. She told me that the little children used to be able to go to the primary school to get food but now the primary school has chased them away saying that there is not enough for them. For most of these children, it's their only meal of the day.The price of corn meal has also doubled in the last few months and is in short supply. Temperatures here have dropped a lot and it was really cold today. The combination of cold, no water, no crops for food is really hard. Please pray for the Swazi people during this winter and pray that the rain will come soon."

What You Can Do: PRAY FOR RAIN. Please consider donating during this crisis. Everything we provide to these families and children is given in the name of Jesus Christ. As we provide these gifts which bring life, we also provide the ultimate gift of life - Jesus Christ. Join us.

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