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The Joy of the Lord

He was so happy and called it his bicycle!

Sipho is a little 6 year old boy who will just steal your heart. He stole mine! He is a twin, and his sister is able to walk. Unfortunately, Sipho was born with cerebral palsy and has not been able to move much of the bottom part of his body. He has known the floor intimately and crawls around on his stomach to get from place to place.

We were able to get a wheelchair for Sipho and the joy to see him in the chair was indescribable! He could not stop smiling and quickly learned how to get around. He was so happy and called it his bicycle! We are hoping to get a program to enable him to participate in some schooling next year. He is being cared for by his aunt as his mother ran away. We deliver food and diapers monthly because there is not much income for the family. Despite his circumstances, Sipho showed me that we need to love life and to smile even when things are tough. Written by Michelle McCubbin, Director of Pasture Valley Farm and Children's Home in Swaziland, Africa.

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