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Abandoned and Hungry

You wouldn't know that behind this beautiful smile is loss, grief, and hunger. At just eleven years old, Celucolo was abandoned by his parents and left to care for his sick grandmother. Hungry and desperate, Celucolo stole some food from a nearby home. He was beaten by the community and taken to jail. This is when Pasture Valley Orphanage stepped in with God's love. Peter and Michelle McCubbin, directors of Pasture Valley, took Celucolo in. After some counselling he said that he was sorry for stealing and did not want to go back to his home. He wanted to stay at Pasture Valley. Celucolo shared that he had "never in his life had new pajamas to sleep in" and "to have a full tummy was wonderful!"

Thank you to all of our supporters who make these life changing stories possible. Praise Jesus!

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