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This is the Ntobane family. Funeral expenses were provided for the mom of five children. She died of HIV. All five children are below the age of 9. The children are now left in the care of the Gogo (grandmother in photo), but she has medical issues and cannot walk. She crawls around on her knees. She has a home of her own, but it needs a lot of work.

We will get a builder to put in doors ,windows, and a floor and then allow the children to stay there with her. A distant relative has tried to claim the older girl, but we suspect it is for her to be a slave and possibly a sex slave too. So we are really trying to ensure that she stays with the Gogo. We also hope to employ a lady in the community to help collect fire wood, cook and wash clothes for the Gogo and kids. We will deliver food there every month.

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