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HOPE OUTREACH Shiselweni 2020

Thank you for partnering with us to shine the Light of Jesus. Almost 500 children were blessed with Christmas surprises this year in the Shiselweni area of Swaziland. This year we purchased store bought gifts as well as handmade gifts from the Bambanani project. The local women in the Bambanani project have suffered significant income loss from the pandemic. We were able to help the their business and bless the children at the same time.

Each child received: A Pasture Valley T-Shirt with the Bible verse Psalm 113:1, Handmade Bag (Bambanani), Lunchbox, Bowl, Spoon, Cup, Toothbrush and Toothpaste, Soap, Washcloth, Vaseline, Notebook, Pencil/Pen, Jewelry or Hat (Bambanani), Fresh Fruit, Candy, Toy Car or Doll. Food was also delivered to each Child Care Point or Preschool.


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