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Sri Lanka Giving

Not sure where to give?

Consider giving to where funds are needed most.


Your tax-deductible donation will allow us to carry out all of our Christ centered programs in Sri Lanka including our pastor sponsorship, Bible college training, church planting and building, and evangelism equipment to reach the unreached with the Gospel. Your donation will be applied to where funds are needed the most.

Train a Pastor to share the Gospel

In large numbers, Buddhist and Hindus are receiving Jesus Christ as their savior.However, there are still many strongholds to overcome in this nation. Demonic spiritual rituals and spells are commonly practiced. “The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few.” We need your help to bring Sri Lanka the eternal Hope that every soul is longing for. The perfect hope of Jesus Christ.

Will you consider joining us and funding the Bible College which will help equip pastors in Sri Lanka and reach people for Christ.

Pastor Sponsorship

The majority of Sri Lanka practice Buddhism, which is the official religion of the country. All4Jesus desires to bring the Good News of Jesus Christ to the people of Sri Lanka. Through our Bible College training and Pastor sponsorships, people are hearing about God’s love and the free gift of eternal life in Jesus Christ.

This is an amazing opportunity to fulfill the Great Commission of Jesus Christ.

Would you consider sponsoring a pastor and his family to the unreached of Sri Lanka?

Hope Outreach

Many children and families in Sri Lanka are suffering from the recent civil war that left behind orphans, poverty, and hopelessness. This is our opportunity to show them that Jesus is the One True God, and He loves them. Our outreach program brings food, clothes, and God’s Word to these precious children allowing them to experience the great love of God while hearing about His gift of eternal life.

Build a Church

Most people in Sri Lanka have very little money, and so new believers usually hold church services in private homes. ​As more Buddhists and Hindus are finding new life in Jesus Christ, churches are needing to be built. All4Jesus supplies the funds and church members supply the labor. It is a wonderful way to build a church. A small church costs $10,000.

Consider donating any amount to build a church in Sri Lanka.


Bibles are needed for new believers to grow in their faith and relationship with Christ. Please consider funding Bibles to Sri Lanka.

Each Bible cost $8.00

Evangelism Equipment

God has been using the motion picture industry to reach people with His story of love. Gospel films are a powerful way to share God’s message of salvation in Christ. We need a projector set to go into the rural areas of Sri Lanka and share God’s gift of eternal life. You can provide a projector set for $1,200. You can also donate any amount to this need.

Purchase a Motorcycle

Many areas of Sri Lanka can only be accessed by foot or motorcycle. Our pastors are desperate to reach those in rural areas who have not heard about Jesus. You can provide a motorcycle for a pastor to share the Gospel.

$1,300 will purchase a motorcycle. You can also donate any amount toward this need.


As an All4Jesus Ambassador to Sri Lanka you will become a monthly ministry partner with us. Your partnership will fund all of our Christ centered programs in Sri Lanka including our pastor sponsorship, Bible college training, church planting and building, and evangelism equipment to reach the unreached with the Gospel.

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