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Swaziland Giving

As an All4Jesus Ambassador to Swaziland you will become a monthly ministry partner with us. Your partnership will fund all of our Christ centered programs in Swaziland including our child feeding program, our hope outreach to destitute children, and our rural care point partnership. Thank you for considering joining us in this wonderful work of God!

Your tax-deductible donation will allow us to carry out all of our Christ centered programs in Swaziland including our Hope Outreach to destitute children, our child feeding program, and our rural care point partnership. Your donation will be applied to where funds are needed the most. Thank you!

Help bring orphans and destitute children into the safety of the Yeshua (Jesus) House. You will partner with us to provide a Christian upbringing in a safe environment for these children. Through your donations they will receive food, clothes, medical care, and an education, all in the name of Jesus. You will receive updates on the children and how your funds are being used to care for them.

All4 Jesus reaches out to orphans, destitute children, and their families in Swaziland. This fund provides for food packages, farming tools and seedlings, water, blankets, clothes, medical care, school fees and uniforms, microbusiness loans, and many other various needs of these children and families. You can bring hope to the hurting in Jesus’ Name by supporting this program.



Rural care points in Swaziland need help to care for the children they serve. Most care points are organized by the local Swazi women who wish to care for the orphans and destitute children in their village. Many are mud huts that are falling down. These women rely on the food and supplies that they can gather from each other and from people in their village. Through this care point program, we will partner with rural care points to build safe structures, supply food, teacher training, and a Bible based curiculum for the preschool children.


Bibles are needed for children and new believers to grow in their faith in Christ. Please consider funding Bibles to Swaziland.

Each Bible costs $8.00.

40% of children in Swaziland are chronically malnourished. We partner with a feeding program that is providing nutritious meals to hungry children and would love for you to be a part of caring for these precious children. Each meal includes rice, beans, fish, fruit, and vegetables. For most of these children it is the only nutritious meal of their day.

Sponsor A Child ~ Change A Life


For only $39/month you can touch the life of a child in great need with the love of Jesus Christ.

Partner with the Tauanuus in Swaziland, Africa.

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