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Birthday: July 8, 2017

Sponsor Family : Aaron and Karen Hale


Favorites:  Color – Orange.  Food- Cake, apples, rice.  Likes to play with toy cars and growing flowers.


Thando means LOVE. He is the smallest member of our Pasture Valley family. When he first came he was very afraid of people with lighter coloured skin as he had not seen many such people before and he would cry a lot. But now he is happy to sit on our laps and laugh. He loves to dance and play with the children in the preschool. He was very weak when he came and had many sores on his body but has recovered a lot but still needs to gain more weight as he was very malnourished.


Helpful giving information:

- Donate birthday gift money 6 weeks in advance.

- Send birthday/Christmas gifts 10 weeks in advance.



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